Houston Woman Inspires Others To Help Homeless – GNSOTD Fri, May 22nd 2020

COVID-19 has brought many hardships and suffering all around the globe. But it is also bringing out something else; hope and kindness. Even among those who are dealing with their own hardships. Tamara Kic, of Houston, Texas, is battling her own troubles; she has a rare form of cancer.

But that didn’t stop her from looking around and wanting to make a difference. And she knows first hand that masks make a difference. She went ahead and started making masks and offering them up in her neighbourhood. “I thought, well I can make these and put them on Nextdoor Houston and give them away to people in the neighborhood,” Kic said. Her first post read something like this: “Hey neighbors. I have masks available. First come. First served.”

It started with enough for her neighbours, and then apparently it grew: “So I thought, well I’ll make 100. Then I made 200. Well, I’m still making them. I’m up to 1,120. Because I want to help people.”

It’s also not just Tamara, others have been inspired by her actions and joined to help her; including her neighrbours Linda Rogero and Clark Conner who donated bags of fabric. Angelina Vasquez offered to help sew masks. Kic’s sister stepped up to help. Neighbor Angie Jones is cutting fabric and other neighbors are donating thread and elastic, which is hard to find.

So they keep making and handing out these masks, with no price tag attached; though many aren’t just taking the masks, they are giving Tamara tips which she is then donating to the Star of Hope, an organization that is working to end homelessness. “I really want to get that word out there that they really need help,” Tamara said.

So, here she is, doing something fairly simple; making home made masks. But in doing so she has inspired many of her friends, family, and neighbours to help out, and is raising funds to donate to help even MORE people! It’s a wonderful Good News Story of the Day which you can find in full here. And you should know that people are also donating to Star of Hope in her name. “It started out as a little thing and it became a beautiful thing.”

Story and Image from KHOU.com

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