Household Activities For You And The Family

It’s tricky trying to keep busy during a quarantine. Even if you are not under self-isolation orders it’s being recommended that we stay home as much as possible.

So how do you occupy yourself? Even more difficult – how do you occupy the kids? To try to assist with that here are some things you can try.

Participate In A Neighbourhood Window Walk:

What is a window walk? It’s an idea that has been circling social media talking about how families can decorate their windows to be seen by anyone walks past, then take their own families out for a stroll to see what others have been doing.

There’s even been suggestions for daily themes such as;

This isn’t suggesting that whole neighbourhoods get together to stand outside and look at the decorations. That would defeat the purpose. But it is an way to engage with people that doesn’t break Social Distancing rules, and encourages healthy activity like walking the dog.

If going out isn’t in your list of things to do and you’re getting tired of eating the same ol’ same ol’ and want to try something new? This is a perfect opportunity to add some tricks to your cooking repertoire! But out that cook-book and put a new recipe to the test. Don’t have a cook-book or any of those ingredients at home? Well, here’s a video from Barry Lewis on Youtube that anyone should be able to follow with a bit of meat, an oven, and some spices you might just have kicking around in your cupboards and fridge.

These kinds of activities can also be a great way to engage the kids, and teach them some valuable skills for their future!

There are plenty of other things you can do on your own or with others at home. Break out the puzzle, board game, book, rubix cube, or sudoku book you always meant to do.

Start a blog, vlog, or podcast! Now is a great time to engage in that activity you had considered by never really had the time to get into. Speaking of! Maybe it’s time to practice that instrument, or work on that craft you’ve been putting off!

It’s spring too! Perhaps it is time to get that backyard or kitchen window garden going!

If you’re really stuck for ideas then USA Today posted a list of 100 suggested activities, and you’ll find so many more such lists online.

There’s no reason to be sitting at home bored and scrolling endlessly through your video subscriptions or social media. Though, taking some chill time is also helpful during high stress moments.

What ever you do, be happy, be healthy, be safe. And wash your hands.

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