Homeless Hero Has Saved Lives Before – GNSOTD Wednesday May 1st 2019

Lakewood, Colorado, was the site of a deadly crash at the Denver West exit of Interstate 70 last Thursday which saw vehicles burst into flames. But it could have been even more deadly if not for Darin Barton who just happened to be pan handling nearby and rushed to the scene to offer any aid he could. In your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here, you can watch an interview with Darin who tells his story. Which starts when a semitrailer crashed into several cars and the cab of the truck rolled.  “As soon as it rolled over, it just caught on fire. And I just dropped my sign, took off running,” Barton said.


He goes on. “As soon as I [saw] flames, I headed under the bridge, grabbed three or four people out of a couple cars,” Barton said. He said he was in good company; there were other good Samaritans working to rescue people. “I didn’t do this all myself. There were other people in traffic that helped,” Barton said. Barton said he has been homeless since July 2014, when he said he was injured in an accident involving a light rail train and a car in Denver. “I just did what I hoped anybody would’ve done if I was sitting down there,” he said


It seems, though, its not the first time Darin has been a life saver at that location; Valerie Blease said that Barton also helped her get to safety when she was injured in an accident in the same area two years ago. “He said get out of the car it’s smoking and even at that point I was like what?” Blease said. She added he seemed to come out of nowhere. According to a second story she says she recognized the man now dubbed a “homeless hero” and said “I wasn’t surprised at all.”


The News Organization covering the story, Fox 31 in Denver, has opened an Amazon.com Wish List with various gift cards for Barton which has already received thousands of dollars in support. They ensure everyone that they will see the gifts make it to Darin. Courage is a trait you can find anywhere, kindness can come from the most unlikely places, homeless doesn’t mean useless. All important messages from your Good News Story of the Day.


Story and Image from KDVR TV.

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