Hero Dog Saves Home – GNSOTD Monday Feb 11

There is a home that is possibly still standing and a family that is still whole thanks to the heroic actions of their pet dog, Sadie, an elder Pit Bull from Westchester County, New York. Recently Sadie was found out on the road barking loudly and causing a nuisance which led to authorities being called and when they arrived the animal lead them several streets over back into her own backyard where they found an open door and entered the home to find the smell of gas. Eastchester Fire Department and Con Edison were called to the house to investigate the odor and confirmed the smell was from a gas leak in the basement. Without early detection, the leak could’ve caused an explosion, authorities said.


Signs show that Sadie was determined to get out of the house. Police discovered bloody claw marks on a door leading outside and found that the dog ended up digging a blocker out of a sliding glass door to eventually get out of the house and bring back help. “She is our hero. It’s just so out of character for her to do. She saved our lives,” Sadie’s owner Serena Costello said.


Here’s hoping that Sadie has earned herself some treats for being a good dog. It is also worth mentioning that Pit Bulls are banned in Ontario, a rule that many disagree with, perhaps it is time to consider whether there is such a thing as a bad breed or just bad owners?


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Story and Image from ABC.

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