Great Big Pumpkins – GNSOTD Tuesday, Oct 8th 2019

It is still Fall Fair Season and on the first day of one of the bigger fairs of the region it seems fitting to pay attention to the wonders of nature – and a pumpkin that grew bigger than a car!


It’s always fun to wander around the fairs and enjoy the midway or the monster trucks, but the agriculture is why these fairs started in the first place and seeing the tallest corn, best looking chickens, or the biggest produce are always a treat. For one fair in New England the attendees got quite a treat; a new local record was set for the biggest pumpkin.


How big you might ask? The winner of the All New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off is 2,294.5 pounds. To put that in perspective, one of the lightest cars on the market, the Mitsubishi Mirage, only weighs 2,018 pounds. The man behind this particular whopping weigh-in is Alex Noel from Pomfret, Connecticut. He snagged a $8,519 prize for winning the competition. “I’ll sleep better tonight than I have in 18 years,” Noel said.


And while that is certainly a big pumpkin, it isn’t the WORLD’S biggest. Worldwide, the Guinness World Record for Heaviest Pumpkin is held by Mathias Willemijns from Belgium and his 2,624.6-pound pumpkin from 2016.


It is still quite an accomplishment, and worth being your Good News Story of the Day, which you can learn more about here. But now you have a new gauge to go by when you stop at any of the local fairs to see how we fare against the global competition!


Story and Image from CNN.

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