Good News Story Of The Day Wednesday Oct 3

Kids who grow up in lower income homes have a hard time feeling like they live normal lives. Brad Belcher, from Washington, knows this, having grown up in such a home himself, and that is why he dedicates a fair amount of his time trying to help. His efforts are not huge or expensive, he just fixes bikes up in his garage and donates them. But those two wheels can help a kid feel free and a sense of normalcy and that is enough for Brad.


Working with machines is one of Mr. Belcher’s skills, being a retired design mechanic, and this project is his way of being able it help. But it is also a great example of how a skill set can be used in place of money to help those in need. You don’t need to be wealthy to donate, and you don’t need to be mechanically inclined either, there are other skills and other ways to use them. It is the time that is most important. If we all took a little bit of our week to help those in need what a world we could live in.


Find out how Brad Belcher came up with his way to help and more of his tale in your Good News Story of the Day in the link.


Story and Image from K5 News.

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