Good News Story Of The Day Wednesday Oct 24

It doesn’t take much to change a community, sometimes it’s a young boy who wants one more Christmas, sometimes it’s a drawing on a napkin of a dream park for a little girl with Cerebral Palsy. A San Francisco neighbourhood is getting a 3.5 million dollar park for disabled children thanks to exactly that. When a young girl named Mia Vasquez was taken to a park by her dad there wasn’t much she could do with what was available as you needed to be able to run and jump to take part in the activities available; yet she still enjoyed the outdoors. This gave her dad an idea and so Daniel Vasquez sketched out an idea on a napkin, now 2 years later, they are expecting this idea to come to fruition in the next year or two.


The plans for the park are not small either, Daniel’s idea was to mimic parts of the Bay area that Mia enjoys, so there are plans for a full sized fire truck playhouse and an air plane with swings on its wings, Pam Russo, the director of the Hayward Area Recreation District, admits they got a little caught up in Daniel’s enthusiasm. “We have taken this sketch on a napkin, and with each set of plans the concept grew as did the budgetary end of things.” They have already raised 2.5 million and expect 1 million more will be raised to finish the project, leaving the expected opening of the super-accessible park slated for end of 2019.


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Image and Story from CBS SanFranscisco

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