Good News Story Of The Day Wednesday Nov 7

Think how good it would feel if you were walking down the street and someone gave you a bouquet of flowers for no other reason than you are there. Then imagine them giving you a second bouquet and asking you to do nothing more than give that to someone else. That is the idea behind “Petal it Forward” a kindness campaign created by the Society of American Florists and that has spread that exact feeling of love and joy to hundreds of unsuspecting people.


We all have the power to impact someone else’s life; whether it is giving a stranger a bouquet of flowers, letting someone merge into your lane, or just telling a person their hat looks awesome. You can lift someone’s spirits in many simple ways. Campaign’s like this are meant to remind us of that and to keep kindness flowing in a world that seems intent on building barriers and feeding hate.


Be kind to someone Today and see more about your Good News Story of the Day in the link here.


Image and Story from USA Today.

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