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As the flakes fly out the window and the world begins to turn white heading into another Canadian winter it is important to remember that this too is one of God’s gifts to us. Try, if you might, to remember the joy you felt as a child when seeing a first snowfall. If you are having trouble recalling such memories, perhaps you can get a reminder by experiencing the joy these two refugee children had when they saw their first snowfall.


First snowfall for Eritrean children new to Canada

By: Rebecca Davies

From: Youtube


Posted to Youtube by their sponsor, Rebecca Davies, the video clearly shows the delight of two children from Eritrea who have been in the country for a week as they experience a Canadian past-time; the first snow. The children had been living at a refugee camp in Sudan for the past five years after fleeing violence in Eritrea, before being welcomed to their new home in Toronto with their mother and two siblings.


This heart-warming moment attracted plenty of attention including the Prime Minister’s;



If you would like to learn more about them you can in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Image and Story from TIME.

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