Good News Story Of The Day Tuesday Nov 13

Quite often your Good News Story of the Day is about a singular action, or deed, a moment of something good. Occasionally though it is about a culmination of effort that brought something good into the world. Today it’s about a young man, Marcus Deans, a 16-year-old from Windsor who wanted to do something and dedicated years to the task and now is hoping to help hundreds if not thousands of people.


It’s a profile on a young man who learned of a young girl in Ghana who had to spend hours just to collect filthy water, when he realized kids in the developing world had to drink unhealthy brown water while he could turn on a tap and get clean drinkable water any time, he wanted to do something about it. He decided to do something to help those kids and so he developed an inexpensive water filtration system. This was not done overnight, he made this choice when he was 12, and he is still developing his NOGOS system Today trying to see if it can be mass produced and affordable.


NOGOS stands for nano-oligosaccharide doped graphene sand composite filter. Deans built it by lining the bottom with a thin layer of cotton, then covered it with gravel and layers of the graphene mixture of sugar, sand and chitosan, which is a material extracted from seashells.


This young man persevered through many trials and set backs at a young age for a positive goal and that is why his story has been picked as your Good News Story of the Day.


Find his profile here.


Image and Story from the CBC.

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