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A helping hand isn’t too far away for the community members around Oak Park in Sacramento, Calif., when the Fix-It Café comes to town. The Oak Park Fix-It Café is more of a Do-It-Yourself repair station in the neighborhood than a sit-down café. It’s a place where people in and around the neighborhood can find help and services, free of charge. The Fix-It Café has a humble set-up. A bike mechanic like Wright finds himself set-up outside of the Church at Broadway and 36th Street. The volunteers don’t have a lot of materials at the location, but many of the resources are brought in by the people who come in or through donations.


“Some people who live in this neighborhood and the community don’t have a lot of money to take their bike to a bike shop or take their toaster to an electronic repair shop, things like that,” Nikolas Wright, a former bike mechanic, said. “We’re trying to serve the community in a way that maybe they couldn’t help themselves…” Every month the event gets set up and community members come together to help others and offer food, advice, and useful services. According to Wright, even if someone at the event can’t help you with a problem, they’re more than happy to direct you to someone who can.


It is a way for community members to help out those who lack the skills, tools, or other materials required to maintain or repair items that are used around the home often. From fixing bikes and repairing toasters to getting their knives sharpened, it is these simple things that can help keep life moving. The Fix-It Café is held every third Saturday of each month at Oak Park United Methodist Church, Sacramento, California.


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