Good News Story Of The Day Monday Sept 24

Your Good News Story of the Day comes from close to home Today as a woman from Burlington had her whole semester of school at the University of Guelph turned around by a kind gesture from an anonymous stranger.


Alyssa Waslyk says she was having a rotten start to her semester at school and was feeling tired as she stopped for some gas at a station in Guelph. Turns out she left her wallet on the roof of her car and drove away. This would normally mean a lot of work trying to replace what could be replaced from the wallet. Fortunately for her a young man found the wallet and then drove the 50 minutes to her home in Burlington to return the wallet to her young sister who didn’t ask for a name and he didn’t ask for anything in return.


A kind deed which for Alyssa has made her whole semester seem brighter as she thinks it must have been a fellow student from her school who did the deed.


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Image and Story from the CBC

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