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Have you ever wished you could just go to the farms down the road and buy the food you need for your upcoming meals and get it as fresh as it comes? There are ways you can do that from time to time, such as if the farm has a shop, or at stalls at the local farmer’s market. But often the market is only open a few hours, a few days, a week and the shops also often close down so that they can do what they are meant to be doing – running a farm.


There was a young man in Puerto Rico who had an idea of how to help with that, when he found out that his island imported 85% of its food he wanted to connect the local consumers with the farmers so they could get good local food. And that is how he came up with the idea for E-Farm; a mobile platform that lets people order directly from the farm. In essence it could make all farmers entrepreneurs as they don’t have to open a stall or a shop to sell their goods to locals and don’t need them to come out to their farm and interrupt their daily work to sell to them either.  The website showcases local farmer’s products and the coordinates the sale and the delivery of the food to the purchaser.


Imagine instead of going onto a grocer’s website and picking from pre-packaged products you instead go to a site that lets you pick direct from the farm and have it delivered to your doorstep. Talk about fresh fruit and vegetables! Now, certainly, not all products would be suitable and there are still professions that would be needed; such as a butcher. But in a world where farmers often need government subsidies to make ends meet because they must undercharge or face corporations outsourcing from out of country the idea of being able to buy reasonably priced and completely local food is an appealing one.


And Puerto Rico is a great example of why it is needed as Hurricane Maria cut the island off from supplies for weeks.


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