Good News Story Of The Day Monday Oct 22

It’s Election Day in the Municipal Elections in Ontario. Elections always breed a conversation of conflict and competition; with each candidate trying to out-do the other with promises of what they can accomplish or what the other will do to harm people. But there is another way.


In Lamoille County, Vermont there is a race being run that is competitive, in that each candidate wants to win, but is not confrontational. In fact the two candidates recently did something to remind people that while they are each running for the position; they are not enemies – They performed a musical duet at the end of a debate with a song about civility.


In a world where political divide is growing so strong that violence is often threatened, or enacted, at political rallies, it is nice to see that there are people who remember that the purpose of political positions should be the benefit of all of the people you represent. In this small county (some 2000 plus homes) they have remembered what is important and their two state House candidates have put their stamp on the reminder.  That is your Good News Story of the Day and you can read more about Democrat Lucy Rogers and Republican Zac Mayo in the link.


Story and Image from Steve Hartman and CBS News.

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