Good News Story Of The Day Monday Nov 5

Today’s Good News Story of the Day is about a community coming together to help one of their own. John Chhan and his wife, Stella, used to sell doughnuts every day for nearly 30 years out of their shop, Donut City, in Seal Beach. But that changed after Stella Chhan suffered a brain aneurysm in September, and was placed in a nursing home. That’s when customers started to notice she wasn’t with her husband in the morning. The shop opens at 4:30 and would typically be open until 3pm meaning that John couldn’t be with his wife for much of the day.


These days however he can be with her some days as early as 8:30, that’s because the community has decided to do something about the situation. They buy him out. John sells dozens of doughnuts at a time and in short order he has nothing left for the day and can spend the rest of his time with his wife while knowing his business is taken care of.


It’s a touching story of support from a community and you can read all about it in the link.


Story and Image from ABC.

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