Good News Story Of The Day Friday Oct 5

A Nova Scotia widower has received nearly a thousand letters from around the world, days after his daughter invited people to reach out. Gerard Dunn had saved the cards he received from his late wife, Ellen, for the many birthdays, holidays and anniversaries they shared over more than six decades of marriage.


But with his first birthday without Ellen approaching this month, Dunn’s daughter invited Twitter users to mail him their well wishes. Miriam Dunn says she thought it would be nice for her dad to receive — quote — “a few pieces of mail, even if it were from strangers.”


Her request was shared more than 20,000 thousand times, and in just a few days he’s received nearly a thousand letters and cards. These cards come from all over the world and Dunn — who’s in his early 90s — says it’s a fitting tribute to his beloved wife.​


Read more about this remarkable gift of caring from around the world, and join Gerard in reaffirming your faith in humanity, with your Good News Story of the Day in the link here.


Image and Story from The Canadian Press via The Globe And Mail

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