Give A Reverend A Leg To Stand On – Local Minister In Need

In 43 years of ministry, the Rev. Randy MacKenzie has touched thousands of lives.  He has opened his home and his heart to people who didn’t have anywhere to turn or a leg to stand on. His work with downtown Brantford churches has helped ensure that struggling families get a decent meal and a warm conversation.  He has comforted those who are mourning and celebrated weddings and new babies with hundreds of families. Essentially? He has been a minister. Most recently he was working with St. Andrew’s United Church.


But now the man his family affectionately refer to as The Rev. is in need of some care. Last February, while visiting Florida, a medical emergency changed his life forever.  An aneurysm ruptured behind his left knee, and he was rushed into emergency surgery.  Dr. Wesley and his team at Orlando Regional Medical Center saved his life.  But while the surgery was successful in saving his life, but the wound never quite healed.  Several emergency room visits punctuated the spring months, and in mid June, it was decided that the left leg would need to be amputated.  The team at Hamilton General Hospital managed to save his life for the second time this year, but it meant removing his leg above the knee. This sudden change has meant a man who spent his life in service to others is no longer able to serve.


Except his friends and family would like to allow him to continue that service. It is his passion and pleasure and drive and should not be denied by the loss of a limb. That is why they have begun a drive to raise funds to gift him a new one. A top of the line “smart leg” would allow The Rev to regain mobility and return to his active role in the church and community. The trouble is such a prosthetic is beyond the cost covered by insurance or other aid, and also beyond that of those in his immediate circle. But not beyond the wider community and that is why the call for help has gone out.


If you are interested in assisting a man of the church, who has spent his life giving to others and who still gives of himself even while adapting to his own loss, you can do so in one of a few ways. Firstly there is a GoFundMe set up in his name which you can donate to. It has already hit 10% of the goal within 20 hours of being up! Alternatively there will be a benefit potluck dinner held on September 20th at 6 pm at Sydenham-Heritage United Church in Brantford.


Photo by Penny MacKenzie

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