Girl’s Virtual Lemonade Stand A Huge Success – GNSOTD Mon, Jan. 25th 2021

In Madison, Wisconsin, a young lady by the name of Morgan Marsh McGlone wanted to help people over the summer. She started a virtual lemonade stand last spring to raise money for a local food charity that lets people pay what they can.

The 8-year-old’s plan was to help struggling families during the pandemic. “COVID is a really bad thing and people with food insecurity just have another thing to worry about,” she told CBS News.

She offered coupons for the cups she couldn’t make at the time, but would make good for later, in exchange for donations. Her original goal was to raise $90 to donate – instead she ended up raising $53,000, of which she said “It’s pretty exciting.”

This effort and success even caught the attention of the incoming President, Joe Biden’s inaugural team, who contacted her family to ask Morgan to speak at the ceremony.

“First I asked mom what was an inauguration? Because I never heard of that before,” Morgan said.

If you watched the inauguration, you saw her, she was the little girl who gave a virtual speech and then handed it off to Tom Hanks. She thought it was “cool, but also didn’t know who Tom Hanks was.

Morgan is far from done, because she owes a lot of beverages to people who will be able to cash in their drink coupons once the pandemic is over; something she is very aware of. If you ask her, she can tell you, “Like 772!”

You can still support her virtual lemonade stand by visiting her website that is your Good News Story of the Day, don’t forget to read it in full here.

100% of proceeds from Morgan’s Lemonaid Stand support Little John’s Kitchens. Whose primary focus is toward grocery stores. Little John’s partners with grocery stores, taking nutritious ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away due to cosmetic or display space reasons, and converts them into healthy, chef-quality, delicious meals, for all, regardless of their means.

Image and Information from CBS News.

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