Girls Letter Brings New Toys – GNSOTD Tuesday, Sept. 24th 2019

6 year-old Vivian Lord, from Arkansas, was on vacation with her family in July when she bought a group of Green Army Men figurines. She took the toys home to play with them when the discovered something missing; there were no women soldiers. So, she did what most kids do when they want a toy, she went to mom and dad and asked them to look online to find out if there were any girl soldiers to go with the ones she already had. While they were able to find pink soldiers, they were not only still all men, but also weren’t up to par: because soldiers don’t wear pink, according to Vivian.


That’s when Vivian decided to go the extra step, she wrote a letter of complaint to numerous toy companies who manufactured the toys including her complaint about pink toys, and adding “Why do you not make girl army men[?], my friend’s mom is in the Army to[o] so why don’t you make them to[o]?” Of all the companies the Lords sent the letter to, Pennsylvania-based BMC Toys was the only one to respond.


“It was a heartfelt letter,” Jeff Imel, president of BMC Toys, told NPR. “And it reminded me of being a kid and always wanting that toy that you couldn’t get in the gumball machine. So I really looked into it.” Imel’s ultimate response to Vivian’s request was simple: “It’s happening.” Green Army Women figurines will be available by the end of 2020 with four different military poses, including a captain holding a handgun and binoculars and a kneeling soldier holding a bazooka, NPR reported.


Vivian’s gumption and ability to get something done are certainly worth being your Good News Story of the Day, which you can read here, but there is something to consider. The Green Army Men have existed in their green plastic form since shortly after World War II, and it took a little girl’s letter in 2019 to finally include female figurines for little girls to play with. What else are we overlooking that could use an update?


Story and Image from People.

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