From lockdown to snow day!

It’s a snow day, on day one following the lockdown. Schools are closed, busses are not running however online digital learning is available as an option at many schools.

We are digging our from under a ton of snow all over the region. The snow will end later this morning then we’re in for a cloudy day with the odd flurry. Blowing snow this morning and early this afternoon will be an issue It will be a windy day with gusts to 50 km Temperature steady near minus 9 and feeling like 118 with the wind chill factored in.

The Canadian dollar opened up overseas trading at 79 cents.

Gas is anywhere from 102.9 – 117.9 for a liter of regular

Last night in the NHL:

The Ottawa Senators finally solve the Leafs and beat the blue and white in overtime 6 – 5.

 The Jets beat the Oilers 6-5; The Flames beat the Canucks 4-3; the Islanders beat Buffalo 3-1.

Tonight on the hardcourt the Raptors host the 2nd place Milwaukee Bucs.

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