Freezing Rain Warning Friday Morning April 5th 2019

Environment Canada has issued a Freezing Rain Warning for Friday morning as temperatures hover around the freezing mark the precipitation expected in the morning may come in the form of Freezing Rain.


The Warning Reads:


Freezing rain is expected.

A period of freezing rain is expected this morning. In areas of higher terrain, freezing rain may continue into the early afternoon.

Ice accretion of 2 to 4 millimeters is anticipated with this event. Ice build-up is likely on elevated surfaces. Untreated surfaces such as roads, particularly bridges and overpasses, and walkways may also become icy.

Poor weather conditions may contribute to transportation delays.


If you are going to be heading out this morning and rain does begin to fall it is best to treat it as though it were freezing rain and drive accordingly even if you do not at first notice any difference in road conditions. Conditions can turn treacherous quickly.


Image and Information from Environment Canada.

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