Farmers Help Out Their Fellow Who Is Fighting Cancer – GNSOTD Wednesday Nov 28

When a community of good neighbours learns that one of their own is in trouble then it is their duty to come to their aid; this morning’s Good News Story of the Day is from West Texas where a community of farmers did just that.


Greg Bishop, who lives in Floyd County northeast of Lubbock, Texas was diagnosed with leukemia in September and is undergoing treatment. When his neighbours found out that Bishop had cancer and couldn’t harvest his cotton crop, they turned out to help. They brought 20 cotton strippers and all the other equipment needed to harvest Bishop’s fields — about 450 acres in all. They even directed traffic, put tarps on bales and cleared tumbleweeds that had blown into the fields. Other businesses supplied fuel and service trucks in case any of the vehicles broke down. It was truly a community effort with somewhere over 75 people who turned up to help. A number they gathered by the number of hamburgers which were handed out.


In fact; so much help was offered that some had to be turned away as there was nothing left to be done. In all it took the group a little less than 5 hours to process the 1,200 bales of cotton from the fields – a value of around $420,000.00, and a job that when done by one farmer with one machine would have taken weeks to complete. According to his long time friend and former college roommate Dave Carthel “He’s got a rough row to hoe and he’s got a lot more worries down the road than just getting his crop in so we were all just real glad to do it. And I was glad to be a part of it.”


No one should ever find themselves left alone, there are communities abundant in this world, and they are more than enough to accomplish any task that one person could do. Many hands make light work; as they say and these West Texas Farmers proved it for their friend in need. Read more of their good deed in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from CNN.

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