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It’s another example of why you should never be afraid to chase your dreams. Taryn Everdeen was 15 years old when she wrote to her favorite young adult author, 84-year-old Carolyn Meyer, the writer behind the Young Royals series. Meyer wrote back in response, and soon the two were corresponding, writing back and forth across the pond. “I love to get fan mail like that but I didn’t catch on that she was 15 at the time because she sounded so mature and her grammar and spelling were perfect,” Meyer said.


It wasn’t until after a few correspondences that she decided to look Taryn up and came across videos of music Taryn had composed, and clothes that she re-purposed. “Then I realized I was dealing with a teenager. I thought, ‘Wow this is a really creative kid,’” Meyer said. “She brings in an entirely different skill set. Why don’t we do a collaboration of some sort?” Taryn immediately jumped at the rare opportunity with the author, who isn’t known to do collaborations. What teenager wouldn’t adore an opportunity to work with an idol and inspiration? But it wasn’t all rainbows and cupcakes.


In their writing process, Meyer visited Taryn in her hometown in Norwich, England, and later on invited her to spend a summer at her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Carolyn’s taught me a lot about writing and about life in general,” Taryn said. “I’ve learned that collaboration like this requires a lot of work and dedication and belief on both ends to keep the ball rolling.” For Meyer’s part, she not only had to learn how to collaborate in her writing, but also how to live with a teenager. “I had to put a little leash on her. I said, ‘You can do whatever you want in the evenings, but you’re not going off hiking with these guys,’” she said. “I didn’t want her being out at 2 in the morning, walking home from wherever she’s going.”


But they both grew as writers, and worked through any difficulties they came into, and their work together is being taken by Meyer to her publishers and pitched as the last book she is going to write, though it may just be the first for her protege. It’s your Good News Story of the Day, where you can read more here. But it’s also a beautiful story that almost  seems as though it was written in a novel itself, but it was just a girl taking the opportunity to chase her dreams.


Story and Image from Inside Edition.



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