Famous Chef At It Again – GNSOTD Tues, Mar 17th 2020

Chef José Andrés is moving to aid those in need once again. In 2010, after the massive earthquakes in Haiti, Andrés founded World Food Day and the World Central Kitchen, a coalition of chefs to assist in relief efforts to places in need. In 2017, he was in Puerto Rico following the hurricanes that devastated the islands, setting up mobile kitchens and not only fed everyone he could but also staying on to ensure the island’s food production could continue.

Now he’s not only following the experts advice, but he is helping as he can. Taking to his Twitter to make an announcement that he would be shutting down all of his DC area restaurants and turning some of them into community kitchens for those who need a meal.

He continued… “We are in an unprecedented emergency…and as painful as it is, ALL restaurants, bars, etc. must be closed.” This call to his fellow chefs to aid as they can and take the necessary precautions.

He also added that the kitchens will work as part of the World Central Kitchen. This, he said, was “not for enjoyment” but rather a “service for people in need of a plate of food during this emergency.” This service to those in need is your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here, but also a reminder that, in the Chef’s own words, “In this moment, loving each other means staying away from each other.”

Story and Image from Travel & Leisure.

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