Family Starts Free Food Pantry With Gifts – GNSOTD Monday June 24th 2019

In Boise, Idaho, a family has taken what they have and what they feel is a bit of excess and turned it to the benefit of those less fortunate. They even have their 3-year-old, Miles Herndon, in on the giving. With just a $40 budget and using recycled materials, picking up an old cabinet, some wood, and paint, the family went to work with the help of Miles building a Little Free Pantry for their neighborhood. The family keeps it stocked with canned food, baby items, and other necessities and their neighbors also pitch in for supplies whenever they can.


Miles recently celebrated his third birthday, but he didn’t have a traditional birthday party. The family feels that birthdays are a day for giving and since they have so much they decided to turn that giving to the benefit of others. Instead of gifts, his guests were asked to bring him canned food for the food pantry. The Pantry is a take what you need, leave what you can affair, open to the public sitting next to a community garden.


The family hopes their Little Free Pantry will inspire other families to build a pantry in their neighborhoods and continue to spread the caring and giving. It’s a wonderful idea and your Good News Story of the Day which you can read more on here.


Story and Image from KTVB 7.

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