Family In Guelph Build Neighbourhood Wonder – GNSOTD Wed, Jan 29th 2020

It began with an idea – “I thought it would be cool to have a hollow snowman,” Ben Price, 12, of Guelph. But it turned into a bit of a neighbourhood wonder when the creation became large enough for the kids to need a ladder to climb into.

Now this Snowman, which stands well over 10′ tall, has attracted all kinds of attention with kids coming to climb into it and look down onto Glasglow Street N. below through its eyes.

Ben, his brother Luke, 10, and their dad Ryan worked on the project over the weekend and Ben says it took them about 14 hours to complete. They also had help from their friends Oliver and Sam Stretten. Ryan Price says he and his sons have built igloos in the past. To gather the snow, the kids fill five-litre buckets, sometimes from neighbouring properties, pull them over to the building site with a toboggan and stack them up.

“Everyone’s been so happy, that’s the best part about it. It is kid-like reactions when you see people drive past they’re just so happy,” he said. And it is that inspiration of simple joy that makes this your Good News Story of the Day; find more on it, including photos of the creation here.

The Price brothers, who attend Victory Public School, were hosting friends and neighbours all day on Tuesday, when they came to check out their creation. “Everybody smiles when they walk past and take pictures and stuff,” Ben said. “They’re like, ‘oh my god, so awesome,’ and stuff like that.”

Sometimes it only takes time and creativity to create joy in the lives of those around you.

Image and Information from CBC.

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