Family Holds Together And Brings Others Together In The Drive – GNSOTD Mon, June 8th 2020

In Naperville, Illinois, there is a family which has found an interesting and uplifting way to be having some of the hard conversations that are taking place around the world.

Amber White and her Husband have an interracial relationship, and with their two biracial children, they understand the challenges happening across the U.S. right now rather well.

During the first weekend of protests and riots which took place over a week ago, they found it was particularly challenging for Amber and her kids as her Husband runs a restaurant right downtown in Chicago; near where the riots were happening.

She got creative and found a way to keep herself and the kids occupied, while also still staying involved. They sat out on their driveway near the sidewalk creating a mural in chalk. Three big, beautiful, multicoloured, multishaped, hearts; which must have taken many hours to create.

Amber says over that time she and the kids talked about what was going on, “We spent the weekend chalking and talking about love and inclusion and treating everyone we encounter with kindness.”

Apparently a bunch of kids from the area dropped by to help out with the art and be part of the conversation over the weekend also. Amber said that it was difficult to discuss the situation with kids; “We found that through art and talking about how we are all different but the same and how we can all come together to create something beautiful.” adding, “We are all different and represent each individual piece, with different colors and shapes, but we all make up our community. When we live together equally and come together and support each other we create beauty like the big picture.”

It’s a beautiful image, and a beautiful way of expressing something important. It’s your Good News Story of the Day and you can find it in full: here.

We are all one community. And we are stronger, better, and more beautiful when we come together. And Amber also pointed out something important; “My hope is that by teaching my younger children this that the things that are happening now don’t have to keep existing in another 60 years and that one day everyone is truly treated equally.” Change is possible with hope.

Story and Image from Patch.

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