English Woman Hatches Store Bought Duck Eggs.

Have you ever picked up some eggs at the grocery store, and wondered if they were still good? It’s a pretty common question; have they cracked, have the spoiled, the best you can do is give them a quick check before taking them to checkout.

But have you ever wondered if they would hatch? Apparently one shopper, Charli Lello, 29, from Hertfordshire, England, wondered just that. So she picked up a small carton of duck eggs and brought them home and put them in an incubator.

“While I was in Waitrose, I saw the duck eggs and thought maybe they would work as well. I was so excited for them to hatch but I still had in the back of my mind that these are supermarket eggs.” Charli said. “They have been collected, bashed around on a delivery truck, then rattled around on a trolley onto a shelf, picked up and put down by who knows how many people, so they still might not go all the way.”

She figured while she is stuck at home she would give the experiment a try; if it worked she had the time to look after and raise them to live with her chickens, and if not, then at least it was something to do. Apparently, the idea came to her after seeing a video of someone hatching Quail eggs that were purchased from a store.

Well, out of 6 eggs she got 3 chicks! “The only reason I could try was because I am currently furloughed and have the time to raise them to an age where they won’t need me all day. Under normal circumstances it wouldn’t have been possible or fair on them,” she said.

A spokesman for the store she purchased the eggs from said fertilized eggs were safe to eat and “entirely indistinguishable” from normal eggs, unless incubated. They also said they have a hard time gendering the ducks and keeping them separated; so sometimes you get fertilized eggs.

Source: BBC News.

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