Don’t Walk And Text Study Says

One of Canada’s top Public Research Universities has released a study that may change some pedestrian safety laws in the future.

Researchers, from the University of Calgary, are suggesting that walking while texting on your phone is also dangerous. Researchers have warned, after analyzing the causes behind hundreds of pedestrian mishaps, that texting is associated with a higher rate of near misses and a failure to look left and right when crossing the road than even taking a call or listening to music.

By comparison, talking on the phone was associated with only a small increase in time taken to cross a road safely, and listening to music had no notable impact on pedestrian safety. “Given the ubiquity of smartphones, social media, apps, digital video and streaming music, which has infiltrated most aspects of daily life, distracted walking and street crossing will be a road safety issue for the foreseeable future,” the authors wrote.

Around 270,000 pedestrians die every year globally, making up about a fifth of all road traffic deaths, the team said. So if you are out on the road, whether driving or walking as a pedestrian, you are advised to leave the texting until you get to your destination or are stopped safely off the road.

Their study was published this last week in the journal Injury Prevention.

University of Calgary research is done in conjunction with Federal and Provincial regulatory bodies. This research is part of how the University contributes to the Albertan economy, and according to their website they do so at a rate of about 8 billion annually.

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