Dancing To Fight Dementia – GNSOTD Thurs, Jan 30th 2020

“We joke everyone’s born with rhythm,” said Desiree Reid, a ballroom instructor. “As long as you’re born with a heart beat and have two feet, you can dance.” And it is that innate rhythm they are using at Ballroom of Reno, Reno, Nevada, in two special classes every Wednesday morning to help those in attendance. That’s because everyone taking the classes is impacted in some way by dementia.

Created in partnership with Dementia Friendly Washoe County, the idea is that everything from the physical touch, to movement and music makes an impact on the dancers’ lives. Stirring memory and building physical capability in those who suffer from dementia.

Donna Brown and her husband Ron have been taking the class for several months. Not only does she see a change in her own husband who is living with Alzheimer’s, but she sees a change in everyone.

“It changes everyone’s personality,” she said. “Everyone is very subdued when they come in, and the minute the music starts, everyone is happy. Everyone is having a good time. So it’s like you just put an hour of the disease behind.”

Reid noted how Ron has increased balance, making walking easier, and finds it easier to be jovial. Donna mentioned how Ron has kept up the dancing even at home – “Music was playing the other night while I was cooking dinner and he just came in, twirled me around once and left the room,” Donna said.

It’s a beautiful story of people remembering themselves, even for a short time, and that deserves to be your Good News Story of the Day. Once again, give the whole story a read here. But it’s important to remember that age isn’t important, we all need to connect with each other. “They’re not 80 years old on the inside,” Reid said. “Their brains, and their emotions, and their heart, and their need to connect with people, their need to be witnessed, to say someone saw me exist. That’s the same if you’re 5 or your 85.”

Story and Image from KOLO TV.

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