Couple In Their 90’s Reunited After COVID-19 – GNSOTD Mon, June 15th 2020

In Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a couple who live in an assisted living facility. Joyce and Don Hoffman are in their 90’s, and they’ve been married for 67 years.

In all that time the longest the two of them have ever been apart was just recently when Joyce was diagnosed positive for the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. That was on May 1st. She was moved into the facilities Coronavirus unit and put under observation.

Fortunately for Joyce she only developed minor symptoms and was able to fully recover and spend her few weeks without testing positive and then finally she was set to be released.

But the staff of the facility thought they would have a little fun and gathered on to cheer Joyce as she was released, but also they surprised Don, because he didn’t know he was to be reunited with his wife so soon!

So what did Don say to her after their longest seperation since they were married all those years ago? “You look so wonderful … so beautiful,” Don told his wife when they were finally reunited. The two held hands and staff helped lift Joyce so they could embrace. “How can you be so cute?” Joyce replied. Seems we now know how these two have made it together for 67 years and into their 90’s; Adorable love! That’s your Good News Story of the Day and you can find more about it here.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is a very scary thing, especially for those who are older and their loved ones. But it’s not a death sentance. Joyce Hoffman and so many others are proof of that. I hope you continue to be safe, but don’t let fear be part of that. Do it out of love for people like Joyce and Don. So they don’t have to spend any more of their days apart.

Story and Image from ABC News.

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