Communities Supporting Each Other With Desks For Students – GNSOTD Wed, Sept. 23rd

Parents across North America, trying to give their children the best chance with at home learning, are finding the same trouble; a shortage of desks. Across the U.S. people are finding solutions.

In Columbus Ohio the non-profit Impact Community Action has been collecting old desks and refurbishing them, then inviting community artists to paint them! These desks are then donated to families who have need of these desks. So far they have donated 52 desks and have another 40 more that will go out by this Friday!

In Maryland there’s a group called Desks By Dads, where they have taken a different track, these dads have been using their skills and tools, building their own desks in their garages and delivering them to families.

In New Mexico there’s a man named David, who didn’t know how to make a desk before, but he turned to YouTube tutorials to figure it out, and now he’s begun the Community Desk Project, in which he finds out who needs one, what they need, and he builds it and gives it to them to decorate.

This is like the epitome of what your Good News Story of the Day is all about. Watch the video story on it here. It’s community members seeing a need in their community, figuring out how to meet that need, and then doing so! It’s people supporting people by doing amazing things.

Story and Image from ABC News.

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