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Today we’re going to have a very rare double whammy in your Good News Story of the Day! We’ll start with the Treat Accessibly program, a program that began when a father, Rich Padulo, in Ontario was putting pumpkins on his stairs at home and noticed a child in a wheelchair across the road. He realized that that child wouldn’t be able to reach his door to get a treat and decided to change his plans. He started offering treats out of his garage that day.


That was in 2017, just one home involved. The next year it had spread to some 2,500 homes. This year it has reached 25,000 homes. Homes that made an effort to ensure that no one was excluded. If you would like more on this you can find it in this first of your Good News Stories of the Day here. Don’t let people feel less, don’t let them feel ignored, help them feel acknowledged and loved.


The second story has to do with a classroom full of students who believed that one classmate shouldn’t have to do without a costume, so they built him one. Zephan Cantu of Indiana has cerebral palsy, a rare congenital disorder that affects muscle tone and posture, often causing rigid or floppy limbs and difficulty walking, according to the Mayo Clinic. This leaves Zephan in a wheelchair, a notoriously difficult device to have a costume in. Which can leave him unable to participate and feeling less than. “Last year it was just stares and pointing,” his mother, Leeann Cantu, told the outlet. “Things like that.”


Naturally, being a child Zephan has heroes, he looks up to one superhero in particular who is known for his extraordinary strength — and that’s the Incredible Hulk. That’s why when a team of arts and robotics students at Penn High School in Mishawaka, Indiana, heard about Zephan’s story, they knew what they were going to build when they decided to customize a costume for him. The results were produced later on social media. “Six weeks of hard work from countless Penn High School teachers, students and volunteers all lead up to this Magic Wheelchair reveal at A Rosie Place for Children – O’Hana Heritage Foundation,” wrote the Penn Harris Madison School District on Facebook. “Take a look and try not to cry…This is what #PHMExcellence looks like.”


Penn High School Magic Wheelchair

If you've been following us you'd know that today was a very special day…6 weeks of hard work from countless Penn High School teachers, students and volunteers all lead up to this Magic Wheelchair reveal at A Rosie Place for Children – O'Hana Heritage Foundation. Take a look and try not to cry…This is what #PHMExcellence looks like.

Posted by Penn Harris Madison Schools on Saturday, October 19, 2019


That is certainly one way to make an impression! It’s also your second part of your Good News Stories of the Day, which you can find more on here. Good on those kids for respecting Zephan and using their talents to show kindness.


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