Colorado Stranger Leaves Christmas Tree on Fort Collins Resident’s Doorstep – GNSOTD Tue, Dec. 15th 2020

In Fort Collins, Colorado, a woman who only wanted to be identified as Haley was going about her week in the only way she can, trying to survive. Haley is a yoga instructor, only she can’t be currently because of the pandemic, she is without her normal work. She says she has been delivering food as a way to make money but it’s not enough.

That week was proving to be a particularly troubling one, “This past week was really difficult, because I went to the store, and I was trying to buy groceries, and my food stamps didn’t work,” she says. “So not only are you hungry and frustrated, you’re embarrassed.”

Then on Friday morning she walked out her door to find quite the surprise. A fresh Christmas tree was sitting on her front porch wrapped with a red ribbon. Now, Haley hadn’t even been thinking about getting a tree, “I wouldn’t have been able to afford a Christmas tree this year,” she says. “I was planning on putting decorations on the house plants.” Something just to have a taste of the holiday season.

When she saw the tree and realized it was for her, there was only one response. “I cried,” she says. “I didn’t really know what to do. Looked around to see, but nobody knocked. I didn’t know it was there until I opened my door.”

She still doesn’t know who had gifted her with the tree, or how they knew that she was struggling, but she thanks them all the same. She has decorated the tree with old ornaments and says the gesture has turned around her holiday season. “It’s nostalgic, and it makes you feel safe, it makes you feel comfortable,” she says. “It feels really nice to know there’s still good people in the world.”

This gift is your Good News Story of the Day, you can read about it and watch the video here. But it is good to know there are people who care for each other and try to look after each other in the world.

It’s nice to have that comforting thought as we go through our days and what ever they hold for us. Even if it is frustrating, and embarrassing.

Story and Image from KDVR.

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