Collecting For Connection – GNSOTD Fri, Apr 24th 2020

Two young people who have launched an incredible project that might have the most heart I have seen in some time. Kaya Suner and Christopher Fridlington have joined together to help the people who may need to connect the most in New England. They are collecting devices so that patients with COVID-19 can connect to their loved ones through video chat.

Basically, they want iPhones and iPads so that those in hospital can Facetime the people at home and keep connected. It began with a Facebook post from Kaya about the idea and it got so much positive feedback it required extra hands, which is how Fridlington got involved. The launched a website to help achieve the goal; called, and they have helped more than a few people since. For one, the Catholic Medical Center in Manchester was provided 250 devices, and they gave more to Brigham Health in Massachusetts.

This was an idea that seems a bit unique and yet incredibly necessary after seeing all the reports of Doctors saddened that patients cannot be with their families due to the nature of the virus. That they have already helped so many makes this your Good News Story of the Day, and feel free to see it in full – here.

Like most who feel the need to step up and pitch in, the pair are hopeful their efforts will soon not be needed any longer, but until then they’re committed to collecting and connecting as long as they must.

Story and Image from WCVB ABC.

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