Coffee Cups Tell Stories Of Hamilton Vulnerable – GNSOTD Thursday Nov 29

There is a long-standing local non-profit, offering support for people experiencing poverty, homelessness, and barriers in their community. They provide programs and services to meet diverse community needs in Hamilton as well as Halton Region and Brantford – Brant. They are called Wesley and they have come up with a new campaign to bring awareness to the more vulnerable people within Hamilton; in the form of coffee sleeves on cups at local independent coffee shops across the city.


The idea is to bring awareness of the people who are in the city who might be suffering through no fault of their own; take for example Mariam, who has a Master’s degree in political geography and was a teacher in her home country of Iraq. She fled persecution across the world, and was jailed more than once while trying to just make her way to Canada. She also came into medical trouble. By the time she arrived in Canada in 2014, she needed months in the Wesley Reception House before her health stabilized. Now, though she walks with a cane and is legally blind, she desires to further her education; she has graduated high school in English and hopes to attend Mohawk College.


A story like that cannot help but connect with those who also wish to improve themselves and their families lives. The hope is that someone reading such a story as they have their morning coffee might be inspired to get involved and do something positive. Hopefully a feeling you share as you read this. If that is the case you may want to read more in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Or visit for more stories, information, and ways to help this organization in its efforts.


Image and Story from CBC.

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