Church Bulletin Saves Woman’s Life – GNSOTD Tuesday Mar 26 2019

The Church Bulletin is a staple of worship in many churches across Canada and it isn’t difficult to find them if you stop in most churches in Brantford, many even have them posted online to their websites on a near-weekly basis. They are good for conveying the message of the service, any announcements, and listing upcoming events so those who were not in attendance or who are new or only occasional congregants can keep up to date. But for one member of a church in Cleveland, Ohio it was a life saver.


Carole Motycka was 44 at the time. She’d gone hiking with her husband and four sons and suffered some shoulder pain that sent her to the hospital.  After doctors did some testing, she learned her shoulder was the least of her worries. It turned out she had a tumor in her colon; which she had treated with chemotherapy. Part of her cancer treatment was also having a part of her colon and liver removed. She was doing well until in 2017 her liver began to fail. Fortunately for her she was a candidate for a new treatment which involved a transplant and while not considered a cure would at least prolong life in the hopes one would be found. So with her in need of a donor her pastor put a note in the church bulletin.


Fellow church-goer, 41-year-old Jason Stechschulte—a father of two—barely knew Motycka, but felt compelled to help. Turns out he was a perfect match and the operation was, by all counts, a resounding success. You can read more about this incredible act of kindness from Stechschulte in your Good News Story of the day here. And then give a thought to how much those little slips of paper can truly accomplish the next time you pick one up on your way into service.


Story from WKYC3.

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