Christmas Wrapping Hack Video Goes Viral

Wrapping presents is standard fare for millions at this time of year, and over the years some have been so frustrated by their inability to judge how much paper they need that they have long ago switched to using bags, but there is a trend sweeping social media within the last week. It’s a video (or videos) of a gift wrapping hack. One where you turn the box on an angle and suddenly paper that was too small is sufficient to the task!


One video posted to Twitter on Sunday (December 15th) has been viewed over 12 million times, though the poster admits it is another channels original content and gives credit to @BlossomHacks for the video; the original creators video also has 3 million views.




But even these videos are not alone in going viral with this particular wrapping hack; one TikTok user has garnered over 2 million likes (no available metric for how many times the video has been viewed) for their version.


While some on social media are quick to point out this method of wrapping has existed for some time and is a good way to save on paper; others are astounded to learn it and lament the times they have given up on wrapping a gift due to a lack of paper.


However you choose to present your gifts; wrapped, bagged, or in a box, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and remember that the truly important part of this season is the celebration with friends and family.



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