Christmas Letter Comes To Delayed Fruition – GNSOTD Thur, Jan. 14th 2021

It began in the city of Liberal, Kansas, where twin sisters Luna and Gianella, both 4, spent all day on December 1st writing messages to Santa. Their mother Leticia Flores-Gonzalez spent the time with her daughters, “It was something different for the girls — a memory they could keep after a rough 2020,” Flores-Gonzalez told Good Morning America.

Each girl happily posed for a photo while holding the red, star-shaped balloon that held their letter and would soon carry it off for Santa to receive. Their mother shared it in a Facebook post.

The released the balloons into the air and then things went off of mom’s plan. The balloons took off and were soon clear out of site. “It was just so cold and windy. I didn’t expect them to go that far.” Leticia said.

It wasn’t until earlier this month that the balloon that had Luna’s letter was found, by Alvin Bamburg, who was hunting in the woods in Grand Cane, Louisiana, more 650 miles away! Alvin was curious about the letter and took to Facebook to find out where it had come from.

“Would love to know when it was launched. Looks like it traveled over 600 miles,” Bamburg wrote on Facebook. “I was hunting and found it. This letter and balloon was made with love. The note was folded and it was sealed with a single red star. I just think something special will come out of this.”

Of course, it took a little while, and quite a number of shares, before the family was found. The best part? Alvin wanted to make sure the Christmas list that came with the letter was fulfilled!

Little Luna had asked for candy, a spider-man ball, a frozen doll, a puppy, and a My Little Pony. Her sister Gianella had wanted candy, stickers, flowers, earings, and a My Little Pony too.

Mom wrote a comment on Alvin’s Facebook post that she felt blessed by the response to the balloon, “I have been overwhelmed reading everyone’s response 💖 y’all cannot imagine how grateful & blessed I am feeling. Never did it cross my mind someone would find my twins letter to Santa,” she commented. “Tomorrow is not granted and I try my best to do such little things with my girls so they one day look back and have beautiful memories with their mommy.”

So mom told the girls that a special elf named Alvin had found Luna’s letter after Santa dropped it. And if that alone isn’t beautiful enough to be your Good News Story of the Day, I don’t know what is. You can read about it in full here.

But that’s not the end of it either! The family and Alvin have also formed a special bond, and that any extra gifts sent along by those who learned about the story will be donated to kids who need them.

Story and Image from People.

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