Care Worker Gives 94-Year-Old Pillow In Tear Jerking Viral Video – GNSOTD Tue, Apr 28th 2020

Ken Benbow is a resident at the Thistleton Lodge nursing home in Preston, England. He has become famous for a video which shows him breaking down in happy tears after being given a pillow by one of his care workers.

Kia Mariah Tobin noticed that Ken had been sleeping with a photo of his wife Ada, who had passed away last year, and she was worried that Ken might hurt himself on the frame of the photo as he clutched it to him at night. Kia thought about it and hit on a brilliant idea. She took a copy of the photo and ordered something, and then when she gave it to him she made sure that someone had the camera rolling. That’s because the gift was something special, a pillow with his wife’s photo on it for him to cuddle while he sleeps.

It was posted to the Facebook page of the Thistleton Lodge, and the video has gone viral:

We know our residents are missing their loved ones at this time but let’s not forget those who sadly aren’t here with us anymore. Today, one of our lovely staff Kia Mariah Tobin gave Ken a pillow with his beloved wife on who we also cared for. Safe to say we all shed a tear with Ken today. Lots of love, your Thistleton Lodge family 🥰🥰

Posted by Thistleton Lodge on Saturday, April 18, 2020

The video of the touching moment is all too beautiful and may call a tear or two to the eye of the viewer. But if you knew the whole story you might need an entire box of tissue.

To do that you would need to read all about the love story of Ken and Ada; how they met at a dance in 1946 after the war, how they danced their whole lives together, their whole lives. In order to do that, however, you will need to check out your Good News Story of the Day – here.

May we all be so lucky as to have a dance partner for most of our lives, and to have someone who cares as much a Kia does for the rest.

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