Cancer Survivor Helps Animal Shelter Gets Surprise Birthday Party – GNSOTD Thursday Jan 10

Working at any form of animal shelter can be a stressful task, quite often they bounce between good days and bad, they worry as much about finding and maintaining the funding they need to remain open as what will happen with all the animals if they can’t.  Pickens County Humane Society is much like any other when it comes to that, doing all they can just to make it work. Which is why they were so grateful when a family came in with unsolicited donations.


According to a post on their Facebook Page:


“Today was a great day. Today, a real angel came to remind us why we keep fighting the good fight for all the animals we love. We were reminded no matter how old you are you can make a huge difference.

“Today, we met Grayson Owens. We didn’t know Grayson had been praying for us and our animals and thinking about how he could make a difference. Grayson, along with his Mom and Dad came and blessed our facility with items they had raised money for. Thank you, Owens family for making such a big difference. Please go to ‘Grayson Owens Love’ Facebook page and give him a like.”


Grayson Owens is a young boy who in October 2012, had doctors discover a tumor in the posterior area of his brain. The tumor turned out to be malignant and surgery was quickly scheduled, and treatment begun. The surgery and treatment left Grayson in a wheelchair with other post-surgical complications caused by posterior fossa syndrome. The symptoms of the syndrome vary from patient to patient, and can include problems with breathing, speech and language, motor skills, mobility and mood changes. But none of this stopped him from wanting to spread love which is why they gathered the funds to buy the items to donate to the humane society.


In return the Humane Society decided they would do something kind for Grayson and they planned a surprise party for him to celebrate his 14th birthday. The party was held 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Pickens Country Club. At the same time as he was been celebrated by the Humane Society Grayson mother posted on Grayson Owens Love on Facebook:

“My sweet Grayson turns 14 tomorrow! There are no words that could ever describe how thankful I am to be saying that!

“How many times I prayed for God to let me see you turn 10, 11,12,13, and now you are 14! What a gift! Every single year that we have watched you grow and mature just gets sweeter! You are truly the strongest most resilient and bravest little man I have ever known and will ever know! And, to make it even more precious is that I’m given the gift to call you my son!

“I could never be more proud of you than I am every single second of every day. You know where your strength comes from and who your Healer is! May you always, always keep that beautiful smile and happiness. May I always try my very best to make your life full and happy!

“I know it’s your birthday, but I got the gift! You, my sweet angel! You are my gift that I am honored to love and take care of every day. You have a very special reason to be here and I pray that God will reveal this to you when it’s in His timing! I cannot wait to see what your future holds!

“I love being the mom to the most amazing little boy ever!”


It is hard to read about a young man who has gone through such struggles and yet continues to spread love and not feel something. That is why this is your Good News Story of the Day and you can read it in full here.


Story and Image from WYFF Greenville

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