Canadians In Need Abroad

It is an often overlooked expense when Canadians travel south of the border. Travel insurance can be fairly cheap with a young person travelling for a week might be $20 or $25 with coverage up to $10 million. A senior might pay $50 or a family can be covered for $100. But there is a lot of factors that this estimate does not take into account, for example how long you might be across the border, and there are other reasons people don’t get or don’t have this back-up plan for unforeseen events. It is also often needed if you travel out of province as well.


There are many travelers who don’t get insurance because they don’t believe anything bad will happen to them; such as Sheldon Mack of Victoria, B.C. who travelled to Las Vegas to attend a concert in 2017. Notoriously that concert and the attendees of it fell victim to a deadly mass shooting. Sheldon was injured in that event and required medical aid that was significantly expensive, as did many others, and that is why they turned to crowd funding to get help. Fortunately for Sheldon he was able to meet his goal posted to the site GoFundMe of $30,000 dollars.


But there are others who have not yet seen successful campaigns, and there are some who are in the US longer than expected and find themselves in need of an ER visit with no way to pay for it afterward. That was the case for a friend of Richard’s named Gloria. Gloria is looking at returning from the States soon but due to health related issue could not wait that long before seeking medical aid and even a short visit to an Emergency Room in the US will cost her well over $5000.00 and so she has turned to GoFundMe as so many Canadians and others around the globe do to afford a US medical bill.


It is a last resort for many who would rather be able to make their own way but even among Americans it has become common practice to look to the internet for help with bills they cannot afford. According to this article over the summer 1 in 3 GoFundMe campaigns are to pay for medical bills.


If you are traveling, then its an easy decision that travel insurance is worth having even if you don’t think you will need it. But should you find yourself in a difficult position and are wondering how many people are in need; the answer is many, and even the smallest bit of giving can help, is a good place to start to get an idea how just how many people are in need. It’s a fairly common problem.


If you find yourself in a position to help, and have a desire to do so, there are always some; like Gloria, who could use it.


– Richard

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