Can Mayonnaise Remove Crayon From Walls?

With the kids always at home they might be driving you a bit up the walls. Especially if they are drawing on the walls! If you’re wondering what to do with that problem; one Facebook mom found a solution in her fridge.

Jessica Hard posted a video to her Facebook page which showed off the hack (warning; some brief foul language in the video in the link.) Which has since gone viral having been viewed more than 4.2 million times. She says that she did a little googling to discover this idea; and didn’t just start pulling condiments out and slathering them on the stain.

Apparently Mayonnaise can remove crayon from walls! But there are a couple caveats to keep in mind. You need to let the mayo soak long enough for the oils to break down the crayon a little, and then wipe it off with warm water. But if you have matte or flat finished walls, that soak time might let the oils from the mayo absorb into your walls and simply create an oily mess.

So its best to do a little test swab in a hard to notice spot before using any cleaning hacks.

If you do have flat or matte finished walls you may want to try hitting the crayon with warm air from a hair dryer and then do a light scrub with baking soda and a hot wet rag. Or let apply WD-40 and then wipe it off with warm soapy water.

But cleaning experts do give one solid piece of advice; the best method for removing crayons from walls is a cleaning product designed to do that job – such as a magic eraser. And those are what you should reach for first; rather than anything you find in the fridge.


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