Brant County Ranks Well In Places To Live According To MacLean’s Magazine

The County of Brant has been named Canada’s 7th best overall community to live in by MacLean’s Magazine.


“We are so thrilled the County of Brant has been chosen and recognized as one of the top communities to live in,” said Mayor David Bailey, County of Brant. “We are so proud of this charming community and the people who make this place a home. There are so many wonderful people who live and work in the County. People give back to their community in many ways, big and small, which makes our community healthier, happier, safer and more beautiful. Thank you citizens of Brant!”


According to MacLean’s, data was gathered on 415 communities in Canada. The following categories were compared: Wealth and Economy, Affordability, Population, Growth, Taxes, Commute, Crime, Weather, Access to Health Care, Amenities and Culture.


The County of Brant’s best three qualities were ranked as Wealth and Economy, Weather and Crime.


The City of Brantford, however, did not rank as highly coming in at 97 on the list. It’s top three features were Amenities, Health, and Weather. Crime was a determining factor; with a 5-year average of Crime Severity Index in area covered by local police service being rated at 86. A lower score is better, given the national average is 73. Still, a ranking of 97 still leaves the city in the top 25% of places to live in Canada.


To view the full news article, visit MacLean’s magazine at:


Image from the County of Brant.

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