Boy Helps Veteran Return To Europe- GNSOTD Friday, Sept 27th 2019

Sgt. Roy Hare hasn’t seen Ekeren, Belgium since the Second World War. The last time he was there was 1945, when the war ended. And he isn’t sure the type of emotional reaction he’ll have when he finally returns. Sgt. Hare is one of the 10 remaining Second World War veterans within the Essex & Kent Scottish Regiment, which is where he met Greg Dick, and his son Aiden. Aiden, 10, was always raised to respect and appreciate those who fought for his freedom, and that is why Aiden decided to help Sgt. Hare make that return journey.


You see, it wasn’t until Aiden presented Sgt. Hare with a sealed blue baggie with $989.50 that he realized that he really would be able to return to that place he last saw decades ago; “It’s going to mean a great deal because it’s places you’ve been before but of course I’ll never recognize them now compared to when I was over there, because it was all in shambles,” said Sgt. Hare. “The buildings were all bombed.”


How did young Aiden come up with so much money? By using the tools in his own arsenal, a roadside lemonade stand and a barbecue. It took only a single day and the funds came from all over; “I had this one lady drive all the way from who knows where to give me a $50 bill,” said Aiden. Yes, it’s another lemonade stand in your Good News Story of the Day, but this Windsor boy did a great deed for a local hero, and you can read about it here. Once more, we are reminded of the potential in the simple things; if they are done for the right reasons.


Story and Image from CBC.

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