Boy Collects Coats For Cold People – GNSOTD Friday Feb 1 2019

Sandro is a young man of 9 and has already helped around 1,000 people out of the goodness of his heart. It started 2 years ago when a then 7-year-old Sandro Cunningham, from New Jersey, saw a local news broadcast which mentioned donating to homeless people. Sandro wanted to help and turned to his mom and dad to help him. That is when Sandro’s Coat Rack came to be, the idea is that donated coats will be collected and hung from the rack in a public space where people may take or leave coats as needed.


They have been collecting coats for two years by various means including his Facebook Page, and his dad, Edward, estimates they have collected roughly one thousand coats so far in the two years of the program running. With the polar vortex split causing such devastatingly cold temperatures this kind of program is desperately needed and so Sandro has gained a fair bit of attention. Hence being your Good News Story of the Day today.


On this extremely cold morning it might be good to remember the people who are still cold and could use more help like Sandro provides. It’s also important to note that Sandro’s giving doesn’t end with coats or with the spring; through the warmer months he and his brother, Crescenzo, create care packages with personal hygiene items to give out.


These kids truly are an inspiration of giving and care. Read more about them here.


Story and Image from CBS News.



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