Birthday Candle Hack Prevents Cake From Germs

While blowing out birthday candles on a cake is a tradition that may go back thousands of years, and is a bit of a thrill for the birthday person; there are some qualms to have with it.

For example it always seems like you end up with a bit of wax or some lost icing on your piece, and for another, it’s just not sanitary to have someone blowing all over the cake.

This has been made especially obvious now with the coronavirus pandemic.

But one TikTok user has shared a creative hack for those who still want to blow out birthday candles but avoid spreading germs in the process, and it will also protect your cake from the wax.

@krystal_rochelle_ shared the method that involves sticking candles to the clear plastic cover on a store-bought cake. The key is to melt a little wax onto the cover first, and then place each candle on it. The cover, obviously, will protect the cake inside from bad breath and stray saliva, as well as the wax.

It’s a clever little trick that should allow for this tradition to continue in a more sanitary fashion. And if you’re not one to get store bought cakes often, perhaps it might be worth holding on to properly shaped clear covers.


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