Big Names Join Big Ask For PPEs

There have been many requests for Personal Protective Equipment, or PPEs, made for front line healthcare workers around the county.

This has led to many citizens stepping up in various ways from business owners turning their distilleries to making hand sanitizer, to hospitals challenging sewers to use their skills to make masks and gowns.

But it’s not always about what business or hospitals are doing; sometimes it is about what the average Joe or Jill can do. Many have been calling on their peers for donations and now there’s another pair of well known names asking for donations to help.

Olympic Gold Medalist Hayley Wickenheiser, who is retired and in medical school in Toronto currently, put out the call on her Twitter for donations in Toronto, offering to pick them up, give signed jersey’s, a smile, and good karma. There were many responses to this Tweet, including one from actor Ryan Reynolds who offered his own signatures, movie memorabilia, and even personalized videos to those who help Wickenheiser with donations.

It is unfortunate that anyone has to ask for this needed medical equipment, and that money isn’t exactly the solution right now so much as finding the supplies. But it’s good that people are pooling together their resources to give what aid they can.

Whether you can find these PPE items yourself, or create them, if there is any way you can help; it is highly encourage you do so. Those on our hospitals would thank you.

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