Best Food To Feed Child When Sick

There is nothing worse than your child feeling sick, no matter what age they are. Taking care of your sick kid is an instinct of parenthood. How to best care for them? Feed them! The old adage; feed a cold, starve a fever, isn’t true. Its just certain foods are better for different ailments.

Everyone has their familiar favourites, but if you are interested in some suggestions for how to feed a fever, headache, sore throat, or more you should take a look at the list below.


Generally, anyone with a fever is low energy and doesn’t feel like scarfing down a roast dinner, but they should eat, and drink plenty of fluids. A fever can cause dehydration, so while they may not feel like eating, it is important to make sure they do have liquid, and lots of it. Fruit popsicles are great for replenishing fluids, just make sure they are made of real fruit and not filled with sugar.

Sore Throat

Popsicles could very well be used to help soothe a sore throat, as well as serving to reduce a fever, but honey is a natural remedy that is well known to ease the suffering of a raw, scratchy throat. Hot tea with honey, for an older child, will help ease the pain and help reduce any swelling that may come as a result of the throat irritation. If the drink is not hot, or at least really warm, it will do little to help ease any swelling and provide no comfort. Hot chocolate is a good alternative for children suffering from a sore throat that may not be willing to drink tea.


Your body becomes dehydrated as a result of diarrhea, as it loses fluid in the body quickly, so it is important to ensure your child is getting enough liquids. Clear soup, drinks with electrolytes, and water are good for your child to maintain a healthy level of fluids. Avoid sugary drinks, as this will worsen the diarrhea. Foods, such as bananas, carrots, and white rice, are also good foods to feed your child, as they help normalize bowel movements, as well as provide necessary nutrition.


Nausea might be the hardest thing to watch your child suffer through, and they would agree. But there are foods and drink that can help relieve their upset. Dry toast or crackers are good for absorbing any acid that is produced in the stomach during an illness that causes nausea. Keep food simple and bland as to not trigger vomiting, and your child will likely not want to eat much anyway. Ginger Ale has long been known as a way to ease stomach upset, and you might be surprised to find out that even doctors agree. The ginger helps ease nausea, as well as provide other nutritious benefits.


Often times, the symptoms of constipation can mimic that of the flu, including a feeling of nausea. This is because the bowel is backed up, and puts pressure on the stomach, causing bloating, stomach pain, and an over all feeling of abdominal discomfort. Drinking plenty of fluids is important, as a cause of constipation is dehydration. There are several foods that can ease and help prevent constipations such as oats, dried fruits and fresh fruits, but be careful to avoid smoothies, as this process decreases the nutrients.


One of the leading causes of headaches in children is dehydration. Headaches can also lead to lethargy, nausea, and dizziness, so it’s important to hydrate every day, all day. If your little one is suffering from a headache, drinking water is crucial, as well as trying to have them consume foods that are rich is water, such as watermelon, berries, and cucumber. A cold compress will also help to relieve some of the aching.

Whether you go with your own old standby or try one of the recommended items, hopefully your youngster feels better quickly.


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