Barber Goes Against The Grain To Help Kids – GNSOTD Wednesday Mar 20 2019

In the West End of Cincinnati there are plenty of kids who are struggling; they struggle at home, financially, and in their studies. Many of them have a hard time learning to read because of a lack of resources. But there is one way they are getting a hand up and that is from local barbershop That’s The Cut and it’s owner Nick Baynes, a.k.a. Nick Da Barber. Nick had decided to use his ability as a barber and his success in business to help kids in the neighbourhood in the ways that he can; that’s why when a kid comes into his shop they need to announce their presence, “When you walk through the door, you’ve gotta speak. If you don’t speak, I am going to tell you to go back outside and try again,” said Baynes.


Other ways that That’s The Cut helps the children who come in for a haircut are by paying them for good grades, the kids can earn a couple dollars for every A on their report card, and by helping them learn to read by having them read aloud to the barber. “Right now, we are piloting a reading for barbers program, which will be able to help kids come down. They will be able to read a book to the barber out loud. If they struggle with any words or anything like that, we will be able to help them,” Baynes said. “Hopefully, by the second, third hair cut, they will be able to get all the way through the book.” According to the Facebook page for his Against the Grain Foundation the kids who engage in the reading program will have a chance at earning a free haircut over the school year.


Efforts to keep this program running are only possible with help from donors and they are also collecting books and other materials to help with their programs which you can find out about here. But if you would like to read more about this barber and how he gives more than just a good haircut to the kids in his community you can do so in your Good News Story of the Day plus watch the video about it here.


Story and Image from WLWT5

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